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Most Watched Movies of 2014

Our Most Watched Movies of 2014

A few weeks back, we detailed our approach to annual top ten lists. Now, all the writers have spoken, and it’s time to tally the results. Our method was simple: we took the point total each person assigned their top ten films, and added it all up. I headlined with another picture from Birdman, because I’m still sad it didn’t make the list. Without further ado, our most watched mo... Read On

Into the Woods

Into The Woods Delivers

This Christmas, the movie pickings seemed a little slim. Then along comes ‘Into The Woods’ and we are delivered a Christmas miracle. The movie is based off a book written by James Lapine, with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. The film directed by Rob Marshall, who has been hit or miss over his career, but this Christmas he;s visited by the ghost of Christmas past. In 2002, at Chri... Read On

Ten Movies of 2014

Retired DOOMBOT’S Ten Movies of 2014

The Doombot has spoken! Read On

Interview with Katie Walder

An Interview with Katie Walder

Katie Walder is a talented actress that pretty much everybody will recognize from things like Gilmore Girls and How I Met Your Mother. Recently, I watched Katie in an amazing film called Come Back To Me (which I rather liked), and got in touch with her for an interview. The Robot: Congratulations on Come Back To me, you really have a good film there. Katie: Thank you that means a lot. The Robot: C... Read On

Top 10 Movies for 2014

Heather’s Top 10 movies for 2014

My list could be subtitled “Prototypical American Movie Goer’s 2014”. Read On

about Birdman

Strut and Fret: This is not an article about Birdman

Birdman is a 2 hour wreck that provides no answers, and only somewhat resolves it’s character drama. But my God, it just felt right, and whether or not it was a ‘good’ movie (those are sneer-quotes), I suspect it will have more impact on me than anything else I watch this year. Read On

VideoBot Top 10 2014 Films

VideoBot Top 10 2014 Films

Being a student of film I try to see, and study, as many movies as possible, but it’s been a slow at the movies for me this year, so the points are pretty low. And there are sever likely contenders for the top ten (like Foxcatcher, Whiplash, and Chef) that I haven’t had a chance to see yet. Nonetheless, here are my top 10 2014 Films: (so far) Starting at number 10 10) The Maze Runner (... Read On

The ROBOT’s top 10 for 2014

The ROBOT’s top 10 for 2014

I tend to take other people to the movies. A lot. So if you’re wondering, no, I didn’t see Guardians of the Galaxy Sixteen times. Read On

Nick’s Top Ten Films for 2014

Nick’s Top Ten Films for 2014

You can find the introduction to our end of the year lists right here. Stay tuned all week as our writing team puts in their lists, and we all get a little embarrassed by just how many times we watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Read On

Most Watched Films of 2014

Giant Nerd Favorites: Our most watched films of 2014.

The end of the year is approaching, which means it’s time for every pop-junkie and web critic to rattle off top-tens and best-of’s. Can I hate these lists? I kind of hate these lists. Read On

The Top Ten Christmas Movies Of All Time

The Top Ten Christmas Movies Of All Time

Okay –  this list is filled with sentimental favorites that run from sappy to action packed, but as always top ten lists are always a matter of opinion. A few classics had to be left off the list (no animated shorts, so no Grinch or Charlie Brown on my list). So below are the ten movies that will make you merry! Enjoy a very merry Christmas from GiantNerdRobot. 10. National Lampoon’s Christm... Read On

Come Back to Me Twists, Turns, and Captivates

Come Back to Me Twists, Turns, and Captivates

Come Back To Me is a very hard movie to pitch without giving away too much. But I’ll try. Also, notice I said “pitch”. I liked this one. The movie is about a loving couple, Sarah (played by the wonderful Katie Walder) and Josh (played by the always charming Matt Passmore). The stroy set off when Sarah has a car accident that might be effecting her dreams and sleep. Around this ti... Read On

The Duff – Reviewed

Bianca is smart, sassy, and so over high school romances.  Wesley is hot, very popular with the ladies, and has a way of getting on Bianca’s nerve. Number one way to do so? Explaining to her that she is the DUFF of her group of friends, aka the Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Read On

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the review.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the review.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably made you way through a few iterations of CoD before. And If you’re like me, you’ve grown increasingly tired of the same old song and dance, and said “enough of this shit” about 37 versions back. For the people already addicted to CoD, this isn’t a review for you. Read On

Book Review: Legend by Marie Lu

Book Review: Legend by Marie Lu

Legend vs Legend.  June isn’t just perfect; she is a legend. After achieving a perfect score during government testing, June is being trained to be a powerful weapon for The Republic. But she isn’t the only legend. Read On

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