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An Interview with Violett Beane

An Interview with Violett Beane

Here at Giantnerdrobot, we are big fans of The Flash TV show on the CW.  We love the fast paced adventure super hero show. It is the way a super hero show should be done. The cast is perfect. Violett Beane is new to the show and the cast this season. She plays Jesse Wells the daughter of Tom Cavanagh’s Harrison Wells of Earth-2.  We got a chance recently to interview Violett, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


The Robot: How was the process of being cast as Jesse Wells on The Flash?

Violett: It was actually a relatively “quick” process compared to some. In fact, I never even met the producers or director before being flown to Canada for my first day of shooting. It might be because they hadn’t intended for Jesse to become the character she has, but I wasn’t given too much direction in the beginning with her. I kind of just showed up on set, met Tom, and did our first scene! It was nice to have so much freedom, but talk about nerves!!

The Robot: Rumors are you may become Jesse Quick, If not speed what super power do you hope you get?

 Violett: They do keep hinting at it, don’t they..! If she didn’t get super speed, it would be pretty cool for her to get something like telepathy. I don’t feel like there’s very many superheroes in modern tv/film that have that power!

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The Robot: Is there any chance we may see you popping up on the other DCU tv shows?

Violett: So far not yet, but I’d love to have an appearance on Arrow or Legends. The rest of the cast that has done crossovers all really like it, and I’d love to get to know the other actors over on those shows a little better!

The Robot: Have you had a chance to do any comic book conventions yet?

Violett: I haven’t yet, but I plan to do some this coming Summer and Fall and was actually planning some of those out earlier today! I love the idea of getting to meet the fans who keep our show going, and traveling to different cities to do it!


The Robot: We here at Giantnerdrobot are huge ED fans, How is it working with the amazing Tom Cavanagh?

Violett: Tom is seriously an awesome guy. He’s friendly and welcoming, but at the same time will give you sh*t when he wants! And he’s not afraid to embarrass you or make fun of you because he knows you can take it. I honestly feel so lucky to have been able to work so closely with him in this show and in the future!

The Robot: What other genre shows or comics do you watch or read?

Violett: I’ve always loved dystopian novels, especially in high school. I read the Gone series by Michael Grant, and have vowed to myself to play a role in that story line when it gets made into a tv series! As far as shows… I love Orphan Black so much. The amount of talent in that show is beyond anything I’ve seen. And Jessica Jones isn’t bad either.

The Robot: Now that Jesse is helping fight meta-humans, Is she official part of the Flash Scooby gang?

Violett: I’d say she’s starting to warm up to them, and them to her!

The Robot: Any specific DC characters that you would like to interact with in the DCU tv universe?

Violett: Supergirl would be fun to work with because she seems so uplifting and go-with-the-flow similar to me in real life. But also Harley-Quinn cause she’s a total bada** babe!

The Robot: You’ve worked with amazing casts on The Leftovers and The Flash, is that something you look for when reading scripts?

Violett: Most of the time we don’t know who’s been cast in something, especially if it’s a pilot or new movie. I try and just look at the material when I read scripts. If I like the story and the character I’m reading for, then I like to think other amazing actors would see the potential in it too. That being said, if I knew someone fantastic was already cast in something I would be excited for the chance to work with them!

The Robot: How far ahead do you know what is happening on the show?

Violett: Not very. We usually get the script a week before shooting, but towards the end it was the day before. Episode 220 is airing this week and we finished shooting episode 223 two weeks ago, so we know a month or so ahead of the air date.

The Robot: You can follow Violett Beane on social media below.

The Robot: Violett, Thank you for stopping by for the interview!

Photos courtesy of John Allen Phillips and The CW