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Dream Cast: Spider Gwen

secret Wars

Right now there is no comic book hotter then Spider Gwen. The idea is Gwen Stacy of Earth-65 is bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker.  Peter Parker trying to be special like Gwen becomes Earth-65’s Lizard. On Earth-65 Gwen is a member of The Mary Janes with MJ and Glory Grant. It is only a matter of time before Sony makes this into a movie. Here at Giantnerdrobot we wanted to be the first to Dream Cast it.



Taylor Swift:

Talk about a perfect fit, It was a no brainer. With the fact that she just looks like Gwen, but also the music connection. You can see just on this casting the movie getting off the ground. Plus you would get a killer Mary Janes/Spider-Gwen soundtrack. What do you get a box office hit and a #1 soundtrack.  Swift would get a shot at a part that would show a different side of her as an entertainer.

Captain Stacy


Kevin Costner:

Costner comes in and gets to play the protective dad with an Elliot Ness persona. He can really bring some acting chops to the part. The father/daughter aspect of the story will really hit home for the movie going crowd. Plus anytime you can get an actor like Costner you go get him.

Peter Parker


Logan Lerman:

First he could very well be Peter in the Marvel movie universe. It would be heart breaking to watch him devolve into what happens. Him and Swift would look great together, so the Swift fans would love that. His acting in Fury was spot on, and you know he can handle the action.

Em Jay


Bella Thorne:

An under twenty up and coming actress. Who hit very similar notes in her performance in The Duff. She and Swift would have great drag out fights over music. In a bad together again soundtrack gold. It would be the biggest career bump for Thorne which she deserves. Making her the lead in the Mary Janes is a smart move.

Glory Grant


Kiersey Clemons:

We bring in Clemons as Glory Grant. With Eye Candy and Transparent in her acting back pocket she is a great foil to Em Jay. Also a great best friend to Gwen,

Officer Grimm


Bruce Willis:

We bring in Willis to play earth 65 Ben Grimm. It is just a cameo appearance but it would hit home.

The Vulture:


Kevin Spacey:

We bring in Spacey to play the villain that he did not get to be in Superman Returns. We let him go full Spacey on everyone in the film. He will chew up the screen opposite this great cast. For the younger cast members they will learn a lot, bonus when we get Costner and Spacey together in a scene.

The Robot