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An Interview with Bianca Bradey

An Interview with Bianca Bradey

Bianca Bradey stars as Brooke in the amazing Australian horror film Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead. The movie is building up quite a following, and has so far garnered amazing reviews for both the film, and Bianca’s performance. Bianca also worked on the Australian small screen playing opposite Richard Roxborough in Rake (2012), and earned her comedy stripes in I Rock (2013). More recently, she started gathering a cult following in the web series Starting From… Now (2014). Being in the States, we were introduced to her in Wyrmwood, and she blew us away.


The Robot: How did you get involved with Wyrmwood?

Bianca: I got involved through my flatmate, who was working with Kiah, the director at the time. Kiah & Tristan were searching for their female lead Brooke, and hadnt found the right fit yet. I saw their 7 minute teaser trailer they had online, thought it was unbelievably amazing, met with Kiah for a coffee, and they offered me the role. And that was it. I jumped at the chance to be involved. Brooke is a dream role, she is smart, strong & sexy. Its the best thing that has ever happened to me,

The Robot: Is it true that the film took four years to complete?

Bianca: The boys have been making this film for years, yes. I was only involved in shooting for 18 months at the end though. Which was still an incredibly long time to be playing one character for a film!

The Robot: What was the craziest thing that happened over that time frame?

Bianca: I guess the craziest thing that happened to me was I sprained my ankle a week or two before the final shoot. Which was ridiculously bad timing. But something we just had to work with. So there wasn’t much running happening in that shoot.


The Robot: Do you like the genre of horror?

Bianca: Horror actually scares the crap out of me. I sit there with my hands over my face, peaking through my fingers, hoping to not have nightmares for the next week. And yes, sometimes I sleep with the light on after…..

The Robot: In Wyrmwood, you get to do some fighting, did you get to do most your stunts?

Bianca: I got to do some of the stunts which was really fun, and I would definitely jump at the chance to do more of them. But I had an amazing stunt double aswell who did the more daring one. She was so similar to me though, on set we were constantly mistaken for each other.


The Robot: You have a great screen presence, are you prepared to receive all the accolades of a scream queen?.. Yes, your that good.

Bianca: I’m just so honored and proud to think that people are watching the film and really enjoying it. And i’m so happy that audiences are loving Brooke! Its so surreal…

The Robot: Is there going to be a sequel?

Bianca: I hope so….!

The Robot: What are your favorite horror movies?

Bianca: I loved The Babadook last year, its so great to see other Aussie films doing so well around the world. But it absolutely made me not want to go to bed alone.


The Robot: What actors/actresses inspire you?

Bianca: I’m really inspired by the actors who take risks, and consistently transform themsleves for their roles. I love seeing people play roles that are unexpected. And I also love ones who have such truth in their performances.

The Robot: Because it was a zombie movie, was the sets just covered in gross stuff?

Bianca: The amount of fake blood, sweat, & dirt on set was extreme. You couldn’t touch anything or anyone without getting covered in it. It was sticky & grimy & sometimes incredibly hot and sweaty. Who doesn’t love all that, right? There was nothing more satisfying than jumping in the shower at the end of a 16 hour shoot day. Clean never felt so good.

The Robot: You can follow Bianca on social media here:

The Robot: Bianca, Thank you for the Interview!