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An interview with Joe Reegan

An interview with Joe Reegan

Joe Reegan stars in the brand new IFC film Alien Outpost, available right now in theaters and on VOD. We recently had the opportunity to interview Mr. Reegan, and ask questions about the film, his career, and the world of science fiction in general. 

Outpost 37 Stills 2013

Coco Van Oppens Photography

What was it that drew you to Alien Outpost?

The script. The way Jabbar Raisani and Blake Clifton chose to tell this specific story was like nothing I had read. When I finished the script, I called my team and said, “This is really interesting and cool! Let’s go after this!”

How was the experience working on Alien Outpost? 

We shot in Africa, so being able to go to “work” in that environment, was unreal.  We went through a knarly boot camp, studied tactical training, got automatic weaponry training, filmed scenes 1000s of feet in the air in a ARMY “Huey” helicopter…and we blew up a bunch of massive stuff   So it’s a guy’s dream come true.  It was a challenge shoot, but a passion project for everyone involved, so it was great.

And the cast, all around was superb. Reiley McClendon, Douglas Tait (who portrayed the alien species), all top notch!

Were you amazed on a lesser budget, what they could do for the effects in the film?

Amazed? I was blown away.  I read it and called my team and asked, “Wait, what’s the budget on this again?”  “Is Michael Bay producing this?”

But in the end, with Jabbar Rasaini directing, his pedigree and resume speaks for itself. From Game of Thrones, Predators, Iron Man, etc.. I figured if anyone can pull this off, he could.

They also got Eddie Yang on board the project, whom in my opinion is pretty much a “God” in the world of Super-hero/Alien design…being able to work on a project so closely with Eddie and watching first hand what a visionary and artist he is, was inspiring.

So, Jabbar and Blake Clifton and I sat and spoke specifically about how they were going to achieve “this” on an indie budget, and immediately after, I signed on!

Outpost 37 Stills 2013

Coco Van Oppens Photography

Was this your most challenging role to date?

Yes. I needed to gain a decent amount of muscle in a short period of time, because it was appropriate for the role.

No matter what kind of shape you are in, nothing can prepare you for wearing 75 pds of gear for 2 month; running and shooting and acting.

On the acting spectrum, emotionally, my character is an outsider…and always has been.  And finding my character’s approach and his arc into this world and band of brothers proved complicated. My character never fully answers for himself, if “WAR” is the “right” answer…regardless of the circumstances.  I’m sure I will as the trilogy continues but that is to be determined.

When it comes to acting who would your influences be?

Tough one. But the great Gary Oldman.  Chris Walken. Barry Pepper is a genius. And I certainly wouldn’t mind following Robert Downey Jr.’s path.  Super-hero combined with so many memorable character driven parts.  He is one of a kind.

What are some of your favorite Sci-fi movies or shows?

Film:  Hands down “Terminator 2: Judgment Day, followed up by “Aliens”.  Sequels that both elevated the game to a whole new level!

TV show:  “Heroes” was a one of kind.  I am glad they are rebooting it.

Outpost 37 Stills 2013

Coco Van Oppens Photography

Do you enjoy films over TV?

Not necessarily. Yes I prefer being on 1 project for 2 months at a time, living with that character and that world (re:film)

But cable television is excellent now.  As an actor, I do want to do a great TV show.  Dexter, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad; all of the lead characters in those shows are an actor’s dream.

We like to match actors up for roles we like in the super hero genre, You would make a pretty great Bullseye opposite Charlie Cox in the Netflix show Daredevil.

Before we go any further, can you make a quick call to NETFLIX and insist on that!

Villains are the most fun.  He is the perfect sociopathic assassin.  When you get your nickname from killing someone by throwing a baseball at their head, and mumbling the words “Bullseye!”  Sign me up!

No one has successfully played that character yet, and I would love to jump into that role and CRUSH Daredevil!!!

Is doing a Superhero movie something you would want to do?

100 percent.  Super powers are a fascinating thing, and an added fun dimension when you get the opportunity to act them out. We all secretly want special powers, that’s why the genre is so successful and always will be.

You did two episodes on Chicago P.D. , we are fans of the cast. How was it working on that show?

One word. JASON BEGHE.  One of the most generous actors and humble people I have worked with.  I cannot say enough about what a pleasure to go to work with him was like.

Not to mention, PATRICK FLUEGER and JON SEDA.  It is rare in this business to have the opportunity to work with guys of this caliber.  They were great on and off screen.

The show was a great experience and I’m glad audiences are responding to it.

Outpost 37 Stills 2013

Coco Van Oppens Photography

I noticed on your previous work you jump around to every genre, is that by design? 

No. I try to take roles that I just respond, whatever the medium is.  And sometimes the actors who are involved play a part in my decision, sometimes the director, sometimes the story. I’m happiest when I’m working and collaborating with talented, passionate people; in whatever form that presents itself.

If you could work with any director, who would you pick?

I’m gonna pick my TOP 3.

Alfonso Cuaron- because he’s awesome

David Fincher-  because he’s awesome

Gaspar Noe- who made the film, “IRREVERSIBLE”…it’s some of the most brilliant, truthful acting and authentic storytelling ever!


Photo Credit: Marc Cartwright

As we are Giantnerdrobot.. what is your favorite robot?


“SHORT CIRCUIT”-  I wanted him to be my best friend as a kid, and I still do today!

I also think R2-D2 has a wealth of insight, so I’d like him to roll in my posse as well.

Thank you for the Interview Joe!

The Robot

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