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Judging a Book By It’s Cover(s): Star Wars #1

Start Wars #1

Long before Dark Horse published the Star Wars comics, Marvel published them. Now that Disney bought both Marvel and Star Wars, the property is finally home with Marvel Comics. Now usually I can say I picked it up for the cover, and this time, how could I not? Marvel produced like, twenty different covers. Cover crazy. I Love Skottie Young, so that is the cover I grabbed. But as always, how does it read?


The Good:

First, the very good: all the Star Wars baggage is gone. This is the Star Wars everyone knows. It’s Luke, Han, Leia and Vader etc. It takes place just after the end of A New Hope, which is perfect. Jason Aaron is writing and John Cassaday is on the art. They have taken it back to the adventure the first movie had. Aaron really sets the tone. Cassaday nails the feel with his art; it’s nice to see a top artist doing a Star Wars book.


The Bad:

I am going to complain about something that really is aimed at a lot of “special” comics. The pricing is getting ridiculous. Five dollars for a comic book is just too much, especially when it’s the first issue. They should be trying to get kids and Star Wars fans to buy the comic. Us regular comic book buyers, who head down to the shop every Wednesday, understand the pricing. But the general public? When they come in looking for this, that price will keep moms from buying it for younger kids. I will also say, The price on Paper vs digital? Come on. If I am buying it digitally at least knock a few cents off the book Marvel and DC. You didn’t have to print it. Why would I ever buy digital? I can buy the hard copy for same price and maybe resell it if it has after market value. Okay, off the soap box now.




This comic is pretty sweet, I hope that they keep the team together at least for six to twelve issues. No bait and switch Marvel! It had been a long time since I had read a Star Wars comic (I didn’t follow it over at Dark Horse). It has a really fresh feel to it. If you like Star Wars it’s a must. If you like Sci-fi comics this might be a good fit for you. But more importantly, if you are looking for a new comic book that is just fun from the get go.. this is your book.

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