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An Interview with Catherine Mary Stewart

An Interview with Catherine Mary Stewart

In 1977 I saw Star Wars and fell in love with movies, But it wasn’t until 1984 that I understood how much. It was the single greatest year for movies.  Ghostbusters, Temple of Doom, Gremlins, Beverly Hills Cop, Amadeus, Terminator, Footloose, Elm Street, Spinal Tap,  Sixteen Candles, Purple Rain and Karate Kid, just to name just a few. That summer was also the release of The Last Starfighter, It was the first time I would take notice of actress Catherine Mary Stewart. It was easy to see she had what you need to be a movie star. Later that year, I would see Night of the Comet, another amazing film of hers. The hits would keep coming every year; Mischief, Dudes, World Gone Wild, Nightflyers and Weekend and Bernie’s. Her talent jumped off the screen. I caught up with Ms.Stewart and asked her about her brilliant career.


The Robot: A lot of actors get that one role that the general public knows them for, You have three or four. Of all your movies what one are you most proud of?

Catherine: That’s such a tough question!  I am proud of most of the movies I’ve done for very different reasons.  I’ve had the opportunity to play lots of different characters which can be very challenging.  If I watch a performance and feel I pulled off what I had intended to do, then I am proud.  I love watching “The Last Starfighter” and I get a kick out of “Weekend at Bernie’s”.  “Mischief” was a ton of fun and “Night of the Comet” is close to my heart.  I’m also proud of the many different TV movies and mini-series I’ve done over the years.

The Robot: In public, what movie do people spot you and remember you from most?

Catherine: “Weekend at Bernie’s”, “The Last Starfighter”, “Night of the Comet”.

The Robot: You’ve made a lot of smaller movies that maybe some of your fans have not seen. We are fans of Cafe Romeo, what smaller film have you done that you wish more of your fans would watch?

Catherine: “Cafe Romeo” was one of my dad’s favorites.  I did a mini series called “Passion and Paradise” that I thought was very good.  The title doesn’t reflect the subject matter very accurately.  It’s a true story set around WWII in the Bahamas.  It involves politics, murder, greed, the royal family and yes romance.  The cast was incredible including Armand Assante, Rod Steiger, Mariette Hartley and on and on.

The Robot: Weekend at Bernie’s is a pop culture answer on a lot of shows and games, How fun is it that decades later media still brings it up as one of the funniest movies of the 80’s?

Catherine: It cracks me up.  It’s always a funny surprise when I hear it referenced even today.  Yay!!


The Robot: If you were not an actress, what path would your life be right now?

Catherine: My first love was dance.  I kind of fell into acting having auditioned as a dancer for a movie and then was cast in the lead role.  I suppose I would have continued with dance and perhaps choreographed or formed a company.

The Robot: You want to be on Dancing with the stars? Do you have any dancing in your background? Is competition something that drives you?

Catherine: As answered above, it was my first love.  I began my acting career at the age of 21 so it’s been awhile although I have sporadically taken dance class.  My workouts are generally dance based.  I know how challenging it would be to get out there on the dance floor.  Aside from the potential of injuring myself I think it would be an extremely joyful experience.

The Robot: If you landed dancing with the stars which dancer would you like to be teamed with?

Catherine: I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the professionals.  It would be dreamy!

The Robot: The Last Starfighter is a cult classic, and one of my favorite films. What do you remember about that film when you were shooting it? Did everyone know they were working on something that special?

Catherine: I remember the atmosphere on the set was one of support, excitement and genuine love for the project.  It was such a terrific experience all around.  It was Nick Castle’s (the director) baby. He was just a joy to work with and when you have a leader that sets that precedent it trickles down to everyone involved. Lance Guest (Alex) and I became great friends and are still friends to this day.

The-Last-Starfighter-Catherine-Mary-Stewart-and-Lance-GuestThe Robot: On a note from Last Starfighter, It has come out that Steven Spielberg and Seth Rogen have both tried to buy the rights to remake the movie, Is that something you would like to see? And if so would you want to have a part in it?

Catherine: I’m not a huge fan of remakes…  I don’t think they work very well in general.  If the charm could be maintained, it might be something to consider.  I think a sequel would be pretty cool though.  That idea has been tossed around.  No matter what, I would love to be involved!

The Robot: Nightflyers was a book written by R.R. Martin, Are you a Game Of Thrones fan? What TV shows do you have to watch

Catherine:I have watched a bit of “Game of Thrones”.  I think there is some fantastic TV right now.  I try to sample everything.

The Robot: Who are actors that you love their work? Actors that inspire you in what you do?

Catherine: Right now I love Emma Stone.  I just saw Meryl in “Into the Woods”.  She’s always inspiring.  There are so many amazing foreign actors.  Is there a bad English actor?  I just saw Ruth Wilson and Jake Gyllenhaal in a play on Broadway called “Constellations”.  They were incredible!  

The Robot: Night of the Comet is a classic, and I am sure if we asked the makers of Zombieland it had to be an inspiration. Do you look at that movie as one of the first horror/sci-fi movies that really pushed the humor in a scary situation?

Catherine:I definitely think that “Night of the Comet” was unique in that way.  There was concern that it wasn’t a straight up horror genre film and we actually shot some scenes in two different ways.  One with the humor and one without.  I am thrilled that they maintained the tongue in cheek aspect of it. It makes it stand out.

KMCMSThe Robot: Has there ever been a part you past on or did not get that you look back on and say .. if only?

Catherine:I was asked to play Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend on “Family Ties”.  I turned it down.  It ultimately went to Courtney Cox.  At that time I was doing movies and it was considered a step backwards to do TV.  Sigh.

The Robot: What current projects do you have coming out?

Catherine: I just completed my first directing gig and I’m editing now.  I am developing another script that I hope to direct.  It’s a kind of docu/drama about a heroic woman set in the early 80’s.  I’m also involved in a few acting gigs.  I have a lot going on, but nothing I can be specific about at this point.

The Robot: What was your favorite line you have ever said on screen, where you hear it and go “man I nailed that!”

Catherine:”I love you Alex Rogen”.

The Robot: To follow Catherine Mary Stewart on social media you can find her here:

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