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Gaming on the Go: Spider Man Unlimited

Gaming on the Go: Spider Man Unlimited

Spider Man Unlimited is an endless runner from Gameloft studios. The basic mechanic is built around a 3 lane setup, similar to Temple Run or Subway Surfers. You play as one of a huge list of variant Spider-men (and women), as you attempt to traverse a dangerous city landscape, while collecting vials and smashing bad guys for the highest score per run.


Spider Man Unlimited breaks down into sections. The first is story mode, where you level up and collect small amount of the various currencies the game uses. These missions will have specific objectives (collect a specific item, punch enough bad guys, go X distance) with a specific end point to the mission. Endless mode is exactly what it sounds like: Just start running, and keep moving until the game gets too hectic and you go splat against a wall, or turn crispy in the jet pack of a flying enemy. The final mode is an event mode that changes daily, where you collect extra currency and special Spider-men by getting one of the highest scores of the day.


So what set Spider Man apart from the pack? Well first, it has been one of the easiest free to play games to actually get the premium currency without paying a dime. As is tradition for Marvel games, the big spending in Spider Man Unlimited is ISO-8. For $9.99, you can buy 55 ISO-8 shards, which will net you 2 Spider-Men, of rare or higher value. However, simply playing through small sections of the game and doing the daily event goals (separate from the high score earnings) will net you around the same amount. You have 5 lives when at max, and if you have a decent run using each life, you’ll net enough vials to pick up an additional Spider-man, though it’s drawn randomly from the entire list of Spider-men, which is huge.

Each Spider-man has his multiple levels of rarity, and has a score multiplier based on that rarity and bonus (such as 30% high score from vial collecting, or 40% bonus for defeating bosses). You collect them by buying portals, split into various categories. The best Spider-men for current events are often NOT found in the most expensive portals. If you want to spend your cash to build a solid Spider-army, you can, but it isn’t a major advantage over players who relay on their reaction speed to earn Spiders. This alone helps set Spider-man unlimited apart.

Of course, there are some incentives to spend a couple of dollars to keep the game going. If you don’t have a little luck on your side, it can be hard to get the right combinations of Spiders to rank up your stronger characters and advance in levels. But, there isn’t a way to guarantee that spending money will help you either. It all depends on the roll of the portals.


The game itself looks great. Each Spider-man is easily differentiated from another. The cel-shaded levels look like they are pulled out of the books. The world is big and colorful, which is both a hindrance and help as the action speed ups. There screen gets nearly overloaded with minions and falling objects, but as you get used to the frantic action, the colors help identify if you need to jump, duck, punch, or dodge the next threat in front of you. The story line draws heavily from the current Spider-verse happenings in the Spider-Man comics, but splits from it and goes into its own territory. While you can simply skip through the story beats, I’d suggest reading along.

If you aren’t already a fan of free running games, Spider Man Unlimited isn’t going to give you any new reasons to look into the genre. This isn’t a reinvention of the wheel, but it is a finely chiseled rendition. There is plenty to keep you entertained, and in a few days of moderate use (30-60 min) you can find yourself in serious contention for events.

Find Spider Man Unlimited Here!

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