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Judging a Book By Its Cover: Rumble #1

Rumble #1

The holiday’s usually make it slow at the comic store, but there was one new #1 that got my attention. Rumble #1 is written by John Arcudi and drawn by James Harren.  We bought it for one reason: the friggin’ cool cover. How does it read?

Rumble #1

The Good:

I really liked it, but I have no clue what was going on. There is a bar, and a bartender, how fights off a scarecrow-like horror character with a giant sword. This appears to be taking place in a dystopian future or past. This may be a horror comic? It may be a Swamp Thing type comic? Bartender fights off and appears to kill the scarecrow. He keeps the sword, and tries to sell it. Its a loopy-kooky first issue. Things move fast; lots of mystery about what’s going on. The end result is a  breathe of fresh air. Arcudi and Harren are a perfect team for this book. The art is top notch, as is the writing. The book is so mysterious I’m clueless about what will happen in issue #2. That’s actually an exhilarating feeling.

Rumble #1

The bad:

Due to the fact that I’m not sure what is going on, there can’t really be a bad part. This is the kind of story that needs some time to come together. I will update this review I guess after I read issue #2, to be fair and maybe explain what type of book it is.

Rumble #1


Should you go buy this first issue? I would say yes! It is a buy, When reading it I had a feeling of something big coming from the property. It also has the feel of something that might get picked up by Hollywood, which means along with being good, it could go up in price on the back issue market. Sometimes you stumble upon something strange and wonderful at the same time, that is Rumble #1.

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