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Our Most Watched Movies of 2014

Most Watched Movies of 2014

A few weeks back, we detailed our approach to annual top ten lists. Now, all the writers have spoken, and it’s time to tally the results. Our method was simple: we took the point total each person assigned their top ten films, and added it all up. I headlined with another picture from Birdman, because I’m still sad it didn’t make the list.

Without further ado, our most watched movies of 2014:

10) Mockingjay (7.5 points)

Most Watched Movies of 2014

Woody Harrelson isn’t sure why he’s here either.

I’m honestly not sure what happened here. Mockingjay was fine, in a where’s-the-other-half kind of way. Still, we made the rules, and we’ll play by them. This list is supposed to reflect what we watched, re-watched, and drug all our friends to. Apparently Mockingjay was one of those films. Did I mention that it bumped Boyhood from the #10 slot? Seriously, I’m going to have a talk with some people.

9) Begin Again (7.5 points)

Most Watched Movies of 2014

You may start to notice a theme here. Our rank-by-viewings system favors movie like Begin Again. It wasn’t anyone’s favorite movie this year, but we all liked it, and we were all glad to take our friends, family, etc. back for another round. Begin Again deals in familiar music biz tropes, but the whole thing is just so damned lovable and well executed, with solid performances and music.

8) Lego Movie (8 points)

Most Watched Movies of 2014

Everything is Awesome.

That’s right, now you have that song stuck in your head too. I won’t suffer alone. Everything about this movie should have been a cynical cash grab, but I guess the people making it knew it, and decided to make a good movie anyways. The result is oddly sincere, and far too clever for its own good.

7) Edge of Tomorrow (9 points)

Most Watched Movies of 2014

Despite it’s unfortunate title – a title so bland their own marketing people abandoned it –  Edge of Tomorrow ended up being one of the biggest surprises of the year. It looked like generic summer fare, which it sort of was, but it was also smart, great looking and well acted. Edge of Tomorrow is one of the many films from this past summer (like the sadly absent Rise of the Planet of the Apes) that proved you can have things like character development, intelligent dialogue, and comprehensible editing in your big summer movie.

6) Chef (9.5 points)

Most Watched Movies of 2014

In Chef, John Favreau plays a director chef who has just made Iron Man 3 and Cowboys & Aliens designed a lackluster menu for his restaurant, earning disdain from critics that used to applaud him. Following this, he goes soul-searching and makes a film sandwich that he can really feel proud of, and that his customers really respond to. He succeeds.

5) Captain America: Winter Soldier (10 points)

Most Watched Movies of 2014

I liked this movie well enough, but apparently everyone else at the Robot liked it more. Captain America was a movie that… um, somebody bail me out here. I saw this once when it was a new release, and all I really remember was thinking that it was, like, totally pretty good. Also, Robert Redford.

4) Jodorowsky’s Dune (10.5 points)

Most Watched Movies of 2014

That’s Jodorowsky. He isn’t joking.

In the late 70’s, Alejandro Jodorowsky put together a team, including H.R. Giger, Daniel O’Bannon (Writer of Alien), Moebius (renowned french comic book artist), and Chris Foss (Sci-fi artist, who most recently designed ships for Guardians of the Galaxy) with the goal of creating a 10+ hour long adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune. The cast was to include Orson Wells, Mick Jagger, and Salvador Dali. It never happened, but Jodorowsky’s Dune is the story of how it, somehow, almost happened. Alternately hilarious and heartbreaking, we all loved this movie.

3) Raid 2 (11 points)

Most Watched Movies of 2014

The best action film since the first Raid. Raid 2 is an exhausting film that somehow maintains it’s breathless pace two and a half hours, without burning the audience out. Acrobatic camerawork and a masterful stunt team create an experience no amount of CG can recreate. The harrowing, perfectly executed prison fight alone is worth the cost of entry.

2) Big Hero 6 (11.5 Points)

Most Watched Movies of 2014

Coming it at number two is a movie I haven’t seen, but it was good enough for several members of our writing team to watch it several times. So… yeah.

1) Guardians of the Galaxy (39 freaking points)

Most Watched Movies of 2014This can’t be a surprise, considering how Guardians came in at #1 on every single one of our personal lists. We watched it, then we took our friends to see it, then we took our parents to see it, then we saw it again. Guardians of the Galaxy is a rarity, when was the last time you saw a 100+ million dollar film that actually got better with every viewing?



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