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An Interview with Katie Walder

Interview with Katie Walder

Katie Walder is a talented actress that pretty much everybody will recognize from things like Gilmore Girls and How I Met Your Mother. Recently, I watched Katie in an amazing film called Come Back To Me (which I rather liked), and got in touch with her for an interview.

Interview with Katie Walder

The Robot: Congratulations on Come Back To me, you really have a good film there.

Katie: Thank you that means a lot.

The Robot: Come back to Me is your first truly dark acting role, is this something you want to do more of?

Katie: I love dark comedy, but this was so dark, and I generally stay away from things that scare me. I really like the comedy/drama genre, this was very different for me. I have a hard time separating myself from the material.

The Robot: Does it take a different mentally to prepare for a part like this?

Katie: I really don’t know how to separate myself, I am a very sensitive person. I’ve actually been able to avoid movies like this. Stuff like the Exorcism of Emily Rose, which I did audition for when I was younger, it scared me. I could not sleep for two days before the audition. I don’t know if I can do this. With come back to me it read more as a thriller, I did not know it would effect me this much. It really did, it took a good two months to shake it off. It was a twelve day shoot and I was in almost every scene, so not much sleep, so I was living that role.

The Robot: When you read the script for Come back to Me , what were your immediate thoughts?

Katie: I was floored, I have to do this! The twists really got me. I just thought it was so cool I needed to do it. It is hard to be original these days. I read it and was just .. WOW.

The Robot: In come back to me You worked with Matt Passmore, who most people know from The Glades, all the girls love him… what was it like working with him?

Katie: So much fun , let me tell you that guy is such a jokester. He is the kindest, sweetest guy. You know he is Australian? I did not know right away. I did not expect the accent. Just really easy to work with, our chemistry was right there at the get go. We just became pals. it was really fun.

The Robot: Nathan Keyes appears to eat a lot of cookies in the movie, did he get sick at all?

Katie: So many cookies, it was gross (laughter). The funniest part is: he is lactose intolerant and he drank real milk, and he had a gluten intolerance. He is method, a lot like I am. He said he felt sick, but he did not want to substitute anything. He was “no this is what Dale would eat”.  We all went to the premier together, we just all started cracking up.

The Robot: Is there a genre of acting you favor the most?

Katie: It was comedy but I think it has changed to more dramedy .. something like Parenthood or Six Feet Under. I think those together really have depth. I like something that has some meat to it. I want to use all my emotions.

Interview with Katie Walder

The Robot: You’ve appeared in a lot of TV shows, what were some of your favorites to do?

Katie: How I Met Your Mother for sure, it was one of my first gigs out here. Neil Patrick Harris, Jason and Josh. Come on, it was the best time, those guys were amazing. Also New Girl was so much fun. It was before it had even aired so everyone was trying to find their voice, Schmidt might be the funniest person ever. Its not on any more but Fairly Legal- it was so much fun to play a lawyer. I have one that hasn’t aired yet with Ben Stiller that just blew my mind, he was the best person to work with as you could imagine. It was just the two of us for this pilot, may be a web series, It was three years in the making. Paramount bought it. So I don’t know when it will come out. he plays an impersonator and I play Entertainment Tonight style reporter. It was scripted but he improvised a lot forcing me to do the same, it was just the best. And also Mad Men, John Hamm directed me, it was so much fun.

Interview with Katie Walder

The Robot: If you could appear on any TV show past or present what would it be?

Katie: Six Feet Under, without a doubt, and maybe Lost.

The Robot: I instantly remember you from How I Met Your Mother, what do most people in public remember you from?

Katie: Most HIMYM,  it use to be Gilmore Girls, so a lot of girls remember me from that. Oh and Supernatural, it has such a huge fan base.

The Robot: I was googling you last night..

Katie: Uh oh. (laughs)

The Robot: A few years back you co-wrote Intervention: Cinderella. Is writing something you enjoy? Do you have anything else planned?

Katie: I love writing , I love it.

The Robot: It was really funny and you did a great job in it.

Katie: Awe, thank you! I was obsessed with intervention and I didn’t want it to be offensive to anyone, I wanted it to be funny. So I thought gosh what if I did Disney characters. This was like three years ago. I am really thinking of trying my hand in writing a dramedy style world. I do want to do more writing, definitely. Maybe take a shot at writing a pilot for a TV show, I think I have that in me.

The Robot: Thank you for allowing me to interview you , it has been great getting to talk to you.

Katie: You are more then welcome.


The Robot: You can keep up with Katie on her social media down below:



Twitter: @TheKatieWalder  

Instagram : katiewalder1









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