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The Duff – Reviewed

Bianca is smart, sassy, and so over high school romances.  Wesley is hot, very popular with the ladies, and has a way of getting on Bianca’s nerve. Number one way to do so? Explaining to her that she is the DUFF of her group of friends, aka the Designated Ugly Fat Friend.

When Bianca’s home life starts to fall apart she needs a place to turn to; a place to forget about her problems.  Wesley’s arms don’t look so bad.  Bianca hates him but that doesn’t mean she can’t use him right?

She’s not all that

Honestly, I bought this book after seeing the preview for the movie adaptation.  It looks like She’s all That and I’m still swooning over Freddie Prinze Jr.  Surprisingly, there really was nothing in common.  Bianca is part of a popular clique and is friends with the head cheerleader.  She goes out to clubs and doesn’t seem to be shy about talking to anyone.  Have a feeling the book and the movie will have very little in common.

One thing that is very appealing about Bianca is that she is an extremely relatable character.  She has fears, crushes, makes bad decisions, cares about her friends, gets embarrassed, and so on.  Keplinger was only 17 when she wrote The Duff so it makes sense that the character and the high school dynamics would be very real.

Not exactly YA

The thing that through me off about this book was that it had way too much sex to be considered young adult.  It even had more sex then a lot of the new adult books I read.  There was hooking up in rooms, on pool tables, oral sex, birth control talk, STD talk, and main guy is openly known as having slept with many, many partners. While it might not have been entirely graphic, there was enough that I believe there should have been some type of warning in the description of the book.

Looking at the description of Keplinger’s other two books, Shut Out and A Midsummer’s Nightmare, it looks like both will be sexual in nature as well.  I enjoyed The Duff enough to consider reading both books.


While there were parts of the book that were cheesy and like I mentioned, it was too sexual for YA, I did fly through the pages.  I would give it maybe three out of four stars.  Not amazing but not a bad read either.  If you are looking for a quick contemporary book that includes some steamy scenes, it is worth a try.





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