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For the Love of Cosplay!

For the Love of Cosplay!

I am not a cosplayer , nor do I see myself as someone who judges cosplay. But I am someone who can tell when someone does it because they love it. When someone has a passion to just be a character from something they love.  I will write one of these articles whenever I spot someone that is doing it for the love of cosplay. At Rose City Comic Com I came upon such a person … His name is Kevin Guerlain.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a kid dressed up in a cosplay I had never seen before. I got up and walked over to make sure I was right on who he was cosplaying.


He was Cosplaying Bronco from the indie film Gentlemen Broncos.


For those of you who don’t know what that is, It was a little film made by the guy who directed Napoleon Dynamite. Just a quirky story of a kid who’s science fiction story gets stolen. But inside the movie they act out the book with Sam Rockwell as the main character Bronco/Brutus. As you can see Kevin has nailed Bronco to a tee.I got a chance to ask Kevin’s mother a few questions:

Who was involved in building the cosplay?

His father, Britt Guerlain, did the vast majority of  the fabrication but Kevin also helped with the actual fabrication while I, his mom (Nikki Guerlain), helped with the concept, sourcing materials and some painting.


Why Gentlemen Broncos?

Our whole family loves this completely underrated movie. We’ve introduced it to so many people. The spirit of the film fell in line in so many ways with what we believe cosplay should be. We knew that the people who knew the movie would get a real kick out of Bronco and his battlestag and would probably watch the movie again right away, and we knew that the people who didn’t know would be curious enough about it to track it down and give it a go. And we were right! A zillion people were typing Gentlemen Broncos into their phones and a few of them were organizing parties. People just lit up! One of the great things cosplay can do is infect people with joy and curiousity and to do that and support a film we love? How could we pass up the opportunity?


If you were wondering: Yes, those are testicles.

How long has Kevin Cosplayed?

Kevin started cosplaying last January. He went to Wizard Con as the Black Knight from Monty Python & the Holy Grail–one of his favorite movies since he was a baby.


What are your favorite things about cosplay?

One of Kevin’s favorite things about cosplaying is making people laugh and feel good. The connections he makes with people is amazing and largely positive. As parents, doing cosplay with our son is an opportunity to help him learn a lot of things about social navigation plus give him the confidence of being his own person in a sea of people.  As a family, it brings us all together in the creative process and fosters creative thinking in a group situation. Mostly, it’s for fun but it’s such a rich experience for everyone involved.

To Kevin I say Keep doing what your doing, pick the things you love and are passionate about. Bring them to life.

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